getting ready for Spring Flea!

Crap. Where has April gone?!

We found out at the beginning of the month that Kiel was accepted as a vendor at the Spring Flea show put on by Columbus Flea. This is super exciting as it will be his first show for Midwest Woods.

We just started work on this new venture at the beginning of the year. Sometimes I forget how hard starting up a new company can be, even if you have done it before. From designing and creating to marketing and advertising, it all takes time- a commodity that we seem to have little of. But after busting through this month with countless hours in the shop, Kiel will have a new line of furniture ready to go, along with a more complete website, business cards, and a sweet sign for shows. Phew. But we're getting there! We have this last week to get our butts into gear and on Sunday May 5th from 11-5pm at Seventh Son Brewing Company, you all better come say hello!

See more details on the event on facebook.

Hope to see you all there!

kiel in the shop.jpg

and remember...

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