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hand stamped business cards

I have been wanting new business cards for several months now but did not want to really commit to buying a bunch of new printed ones as I seem to frequently change my mind about what I want, have a hard time committing to one thing (I have probably gotten new business cards almost yearly), and often end up with way more cards than I need meaning wasted money (but they always get you with that whole "you can get 250 extra for just $5 more" talk!). After browsing around some handmade ideas, I decided to just stamp by own. I already had the stamp with my logo on it, so all I needed was something for the back with all my details like name, services, contact info, etc. I purchase my stamps from Simon Stamps who are super quick, decent quality and fairly inexpensive. You can upload your own designs to be custom made. I probably paid around $15 per stamp, a minimal investment for something so versatile.

I crafted this bunch of stamps with colorful sheets of textured paper I already had on hand. I hand cut strips which ended up in all different shapes and sizes which I liked. If you prefer the nice perfect business card sizes, various textures and colors in perfect rectangles can be purchased on etsy or various places online. For the meantime I will personally stick with my imperfect and mismatched bunch- I guess kind of similar to my personality.

If you want to craft your own the steps are really quite simple that even a child with good hand-eye coordination can help you stamp!

hand stamped business cards | farm fresh therapy.jpg

1. Gather your supplies including your stamps, ink, paper, and paper cutter

2. Cut strips of paper down to various sizes or if you feel really zealous try to cut nice 3.5" x 2" rectangles

3. Stamp one side of the business card with the front graphic

4. Stamp the other side of the business card with the back graphic

Repeat x 100 or more. Great activity to do while catching up on your favorite TV show or movie

A cheap, easy, and fun way to fulfill my ever changing business card desire- until something else comes to mind!

handstamped business cards | farm fresh therapy.jpg
handmade business cards | farm fresh therapy.jpg
handcrafted business cards | farm fresh therapy.jpg
handmade stamped business cards | farm fresh therapy.jpg