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For the wall decor in baby m's nursery we wanted to use sentimental pieces without getting too hodge podgy and keep the more modern feel of the room. We decided to use some pieces we already had for a gallery wall, but to keep it uniform we went with all black frames. To save money we picked up a ton of various sized frames from the thrift stored and sprayed them black. For 10 frames we payed a mere $25 and picked up a bottle of spray paint for another $5. With a little work these clean up really well and you can get the glass like new again with a mini sponge bath.

For the inserts of the gallery wall we used various prints, maps, and fabrics that we already had on hand. Putting together inserts for frames is one of my favorite things to do. Anything can be turned into a beautiful framed piece of art for the wall- gorgeous fabrics, magazine cutouts, old playbills or brochures, maps, gig or transportation posters, record covers, book tear outs, or patterned paper. Just a few ideas but the sky is the limit and any inspiring 2D piece can turn into a fun piece for your gallery wall.

For ours we used a map of London and a poster from Hillingdon right outside the city where my grandmother was born and raised, a basic map print for our adventure theme, bright and modern fabrics (and the horse print from Cotton & Steel also went with our adventure motif), and of course a few things from Kiel's VW collection. We finished up with a little lowercase letter m for baby m!

The only piece that we had trouble framing was Kiel's VW rabbit blue print. It came from Europe and had a funny size (11" x 18"). Kiel was absolutely unwilling to cut it down to size so we purchased a frame online from Art to Frames. They have tons of off sizes and even with shipping included are extremely reasonable compared to the $200+ quote I received for custom framing at Michael's (not even including a mat and after coupons!!!).

So after everything we spent less than $50 for our entire gallery wall by using thrifted frames and beautiful textiles and papers we already had on hand!

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budget friendly gallery wall | farm fresh therapy.jpg