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home details: coffee table storage

Kiel handmade our coffee table years ago as an industrial design student. The table was created with birdseye maple from his grandparents' farm. The table was designed in one small shelf below but otherwise has minimal storage. As this piece carries a lot of personal value and fits our needs otherwise (meaning it is large enough to eat dinner at every night), we didn't want to replace it to meet our storage needs.

When tasked with figuring out how to store the remotes, coasters, pens, notepads, hand lotion, and other various items that seem to find their way to this landing zone (like film... who really needs film at their coffee table? oh yes, the vintage camera collector...), I decided to use an old vintage soda bottle crate. This crate happens to be just a bit smaller than most which made it the perfect fit. I used other empty tins and dishes to sort the rest of the items. Everything fits in nicely and stays in place while moving the crate (which is another huge bonus when it comes to clearing off the coffee table for dinner!).

Coffee table storage problem solved!

coffee table.jpg