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It's taken us almost the whole year to get Evan's big boy room together. He turned two in December of last year and we were slowly gearing up to transition his crib into a big boy bed. When we took the side off his crib he lost it and we had to quickly alter course. After rethinking a few things and talking with some friends and family, we decided to go straight to a toddler bed instead of transitioning the crib (and for those wondering, it worked like a charm!- no crying and no wondering his room in the middle of the night, in fact he still doesn't leave his bed unless we come in to get him out of bed!). We didn't do a ton to his nursery for the change- just a new toddler bed, switched out the dresser (and for "before and after" sake from the original nursery link, upgraded the bookshelf but we did that a few years ago because the old one started falling apart). We did switch out the book shelves for a handmade walnut shelf that Kiel made years ago.

To create Evan's toddler bed, we actually modified a vintage twin sized bed that we found at an estate sale. We purchased the foot and headboard for $8 and spray painted them black. We bought this adjustable twin mattress and twin sized slats (which were cut short) from Ikea which would allow us to make a short twin bed. Kiel then customized side slats that he handmade to fit the bed. This fit perfectly along the short wall of the bedroom so we didn't have to turn the bed from where the crib was previously. The width of the bed is still a twin size so I use regular twin sized sheets and just fold them over at the bottom since the length of a regular twin sheet is a little longer than the bed and toddler bed sheets (which are actually standard crib sized sheets) are too small. When Evan gets older we can redo the side slats to turn this back into a regular twin sized bed!

We upgraded the decor using a lot of items we already had for an easy vintage car theme. We found some great vintage cars from Opal Stackhouse that we gifted Evan for his birthday. We have also found a few fun cars at the Scott Show in the winter. The old Ohio 69 sign was a gift from my mother many years ago. The vintage VW print Kiel had before we got married and the green enamel light was foraged from our basement. The vintage enamel E was the perfect final touch that we picked up from the new local store Vintage Toast.

Under Dresser Baskets: The Container Store

Sheets: Target Pillowfort (now discontinued)

Green Quilt: PB Kids (now discontinued)

Rug: Crate & Barrel

Toss Pillows: handmade

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