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home: from aqua to avocado bathroom makeover

This weekend we decided to give our bathroom a quick makeover. During the midst of our crazy bathroom renovation last summer we quickly picked a color and put a coat on the walls just to get it finished. The original aqua color we picked was great on the chip, but a little bright once it was on the walls (okay I know that sounds a bit nutty as I am showing you a BRIGHT GREEN bathroom...).

So after living with the bright blue for a while we decided to change things up. We talked about grays, whites, dark blues and greens, and other lighter shades of blue. So basically we had no idea what we wanted. We started tossing around the idea of an olive green and pulled a few paint chips (including the one above which I had been coveting and was pinned on a mood board in the old office). After a long debate (we have a lot of trouble agreeing on paint colors), we decided on Valpar's Light Avocado for Creative Ideas. We went with the semi gloss which is definitely a bit shiny, but I ended up really liking it.

I feel like it is one of the first "mature" colors that we have actually chosen for our house. Kiel is in the process of trying to "de-easter egg" our walls by single handedly changing all the pastels to "more masculine" colors. He says that the walls of a home should be masculine and the decor is what adds a feminine flair. Not sure how much I agree with that (or how ready I am to get rid of my pastels...), but I am excited to mix things up. I love changes and home projects- and I will keep reminding myself of that in a few years when we are saying "what the hell were we thinking with this green, it is so 2014" and repainting all over again! Cheers to home ownership and an overdose of project inspiration!

light avacado | farm fresh therapy.jpg
aqua to light avacado- bathroom makeover | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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