home: my craft room

Welcome to my craft room!

It is bursting at the seams a bit currently but we are actually looking to put an extension on to this room, all to store my crafty shit. Kidding- we will be needing more room upstairs for our future family. Side note- if you know of a good general contractor in the Columbus, OH area please send their name our way!

Anyways this has been my creative studio/ workspace since we moved in almost 3 years ago. Figures that it also happens to be the smallest room in our house at an approximate whopping 100 sq ft. I try to keep it pretty darn organized, as I am somewhat forced by the lack of space. But I also like to know EXACTLY where that one thing was that I used 1.5 years ago that one time.

I love collecting stuff (which absolutely thrills Kiel). So I let my collections overflow and my creativity flare when I walk into this room. I love spending time in here, whether its sewing something for a friend or putting together or working on projects for our house, I always seem to find my happiness in this room.