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home: non-traditional fall front porch makeover

This summer we finally had our house painted. It's a gorgeous shade of neutral gray with brown undertones and off white trim. I absolutely love it! But with the new exterior color came the need for a little front porch makeover. It took a while but I finally got around to painting all the porch furniture (the old colors clashed with the new exterior and accent porch floor paint). So in a timely fashion for autumn I did a little cozy styling and finally got this space finished. Just in time to enjoy some cool evenings on the porch swing with the husband after the baby goes down for the night!

As with most projects, I did the makeover on a budget, repainting and repurposing a lot of items that I already had. I love this approach because it allows for some wiggle room for a few pricier splurge items if you're so inclined! We also got to review a few fun products from Uncommon Goods! Read on for more details on how we put this space together and decorating tips/ ideas for fall decorating!

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A new coat of paint (we were pretty thrifty and threw together some samples and blues that we already had and mixed up this bright teal color) to refresh our porch swing makes this a new focal point for the front porch.

We used old standard bed pillow cases, plaid shirts, and scarves to create porch pillow covers while staying well within our budget. A few thrifted plaid and woven blankets thrown in an old basket add warmth to the space. Using fabrics and materials that you already have can work well if you spend a little time just mixing and matching pattern options before making final selections! Plaids, solids, and a tiny bit of floral can all work together in the right color schemes. Just work with what you've got and change things out until you have something that works for your eye!

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A few pumpkin succulents and colorful mums in thrifted planters make the porch feel autumnal without going too traditional rustic. I love the trendy youthful vibe they give to the porch. See more on the pumpkin succulents here!

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When we painted the house we replaced out old chunky letters with these sleek modern house numbers. I searched high and low for the right style and was starting to feel like I was going to have to really splurge to get what I wanted until I found these at Home Depot for around $5 per letter!

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I love love love this quirky door mat from Uncommon Goods (see here). I think it's so cute and really adds to the eclectic non-traditional feel for this space that I was going for. We haven't had the neighbors over yet but I am sure they will get quite the kick out of it when we do!

A Midwest Woods stool and side table borrowed from our basement table display the plants, pumpkins, and a few old prop books. Since our front porch is rather large and covered, it is really an extension of our indoor living space so I wanted it to be just as cozy. And thankfully things out on the porch don't get weathered too quickly (although I am sure Kiel will make me bring in his furniture once winter rolls around!).

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The other side of the porch is another cozy little sitting area with a Midwest Woods barn door coffee table that was made specifically to be a porch table. We covered the chairs with more leftover mixed paint in various shades of aquas to accent the green floor.

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This hand poured candle crackling candle from Uncommon Goods (see here) makes the porch smell like fall. Sweater Weather is a mix of cinnamon and clove that makes you want to drink a pumpkin spice latte and take a leisurely late afternoon autumn walk.

Being the wife of a small business owner and maker I have to note that I am a big fan of supporting makers and goods made in the US. While Kiel and I often craft or repurpose most of our own things (like most of the furniture and accessories seen in this post), but I have to say that when we are looking to purchase new items like gifts (see some great ideas here!), art, or other home decor items (see here), I love that there are sites like Uncommon Goods that curate collections of items from makes and make them easily accessible to shop and purchase.

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This space came together quite quickly and for barely anything at all. Work with what you have got (paint and fabric you have on hand can do so much to make a difference), invest in a few unique handcrafted home decor items (like these) to add personality and interest to your space, and make it your own. Refreshing any space should be easy, budget friendly, and fun!

Keep an eye out for our bedroom makeover coming soon! I have been perusing the art section at Uncommon Goods (see here) and am getting pretty excited about our next space update!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own.