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home: our new craft room addition plans

Over the last year we have been talking about expanding my craft room. We went through a couple contractors and a few mind changes but have finally settled on an exterior 3 seasons room addition to the back of our home (off the master bedroom) where our desk is currently. We typically use just our pergola patio area for entertaining, so our deck has been wasted space for years. The addition will add approximately 150 square feet to our home and be in the traditional craftsman style. I do plan, however, on doing concrete flooring and large windows spanning the southern wall. It will also have windows on the east and west walls. Lots of light! It will also have a door off the side to the yard which means I can easily garden and work with florals in or right outside of this space as well!

Currently, my craft room is more like a craft closet. There is very little working table space (not to mention that I need to get rid of a few things as my inventory is a bit overcrowded). Our plans are to move this studio space entirely to the first floor addition which will open up another bedroom upstairs for our future family expansion. I seriously can't wait to have more space and light to create!

The contractor hopes to get started once this balmy winter weather subsides. We are excited to share the progress as we get going!