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home tour: baby m's closet

When planning out baby m's nursery I fell in love with the idea of a painted closet, especially since the closet in baby m's room (which was previously the office) was PACKED to the brim with all sorts of stuff including our snowboards which did a number on the walls. After clearing all of our stuff out, every surface in there needed repainted, the trim, the walls and even the floor.

Once we picked out a few colors (an aqua for the walls and olive green for the floors to accent the soft pastel blue-green on the walls of the actual nursery), I got to cleaning and painting. This project went pretty quick and I was able to complete it in an afternoon! What a difference the colors made once they were on the walls!

The goal of the closet revamp was not only to add visual appeal but also strategize storage. All of the upstairs bedrooms in our house are very small, with even smaller closets. Baby m's room has the largest closet and we definitely anticipate using all of the space available for baby stuff (I keep telling myself we won't have THAT much, partly because I keep dragging my feet with registering but come on, we all know that babies pop out of the womb with a boat load of stuff!). I picked up this dresser (an Ikea tarva dresser) on craigslist which will serve as a second dresser for extra storage in the closet. Baby clothes are so small that there is little use in hanging things horizontally. So the vertical use of this dresser is perfect. We painted it white and sprayed the knobs bronze. The dresser will be used for those clothes that baby m will surely quickly grow out of. A preemptive place to store them for the next baby down the line!

While we didn't chose to hang everything, there are still a few things like button down shirts that we will hang, so wire hooks were perfect for this. There were already 3 in the closet that were original to the house. While it was a bit tricky to find more actual vintages ones in the right size, I was able to locate some vintage style wire hooks for the rest of the closet. I really wanted some cute hangers for his clothes, so I splurged on these mini wooden clothes hangers on Amazon with some money I had leftover from a gift card.

An old vintage globe and tackle box that we already had accessorize the top of dresser for now. More to come when we finish and reveal the whole nursery next month!

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baby m's closet | farm fresh therapy.jpg