home tour: craft room

This week's room tour is my craft room. This is the smallest of our upstairs bedrooms. We didn't have to do much to the room when we moved in except paint (oh why was this house so pink before we claimed it?!). There is some odd terra cotta tile on the floor of this room which we speculate may have been used as a green room as some point in time (fitting that we painted it green right- actually we just used our leftover custom kitchen paint as we didn't really have a specific color in mind and were in a huge hurry to get the pink off!). We haven't done anything with the flooring and actually, the tile makes for nice and easy clean up for this often messy room.

For the main walls in the room that don't have windows I had to focus on storage. How was I going to get my entire craft collection into a room less than 110 square feet? We built in shelving with peg board that could house boxes upon boxes of stuff. As you can see there is also an over abundance of collections (I collect collections), so various boxes, tins, and baskets hold all kinds of fun trinkets.

Kiel built the desk in the center of the room for me a few years back as a Christmas gift. The other white shelving, chairs, and stools in the room were collected over time from various antique shops and thrift stores around Columbus. Most of the decor in the room were fun finds that we were unable to find any other place for in the house (yes I have a problem).

Perhaps my favorite pieces in the room include my industrial machine lamp which was a gift for my birthday from Kiel ($3 scrap yard find, best gift ever!) and the giant turquoise letter "C" that I found at Eclectiques a few years back.

Scroll down for more pictures. Oh and did I mention that this might be the cleanest my craft room has ever been? Good thing someone took a picture!

{all photos -except befores- courtesy of Coley & Co. Photography}

craft room before.jpg