ecletic living room makeover | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

home tour: our colorful eclectic family room makeover

A few months ago as we transitioned Evan up to his nursery, we decided to move our bedroom upstairs to be closer to him for the ease of nighttime feedings, etc. This also opened up our master bedroom to be used as a family living space. I was so excited to have this open space for work and play, especially as it is adjacent to my studio so I can do work while also keeping a close eye on Evan.

A couple weeks ago I shared the inspiration for this space. While we still have a little bit of work to do in here (like build toy storage under the windows), this space has been transformed into an open, bright, and airy play space for our little family.

Read on for more details about this space including the custom side table Kiel made for Midwest Woods and see how we partnered with Tiny Prints to use personalized home decor accessories to make this space feel more family friendly!

For all sources see the bottom list!

family room before | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

Family room before photos when this room was used as our Master Bedroom. These photos c/o Adrienne DeRosa for Houzz

DIY lampshade | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

While this room is mostly a family play space, we did want to include a small television for mommy work breaks or to watch the news during morning nap time. The old dresser we picked up at a flea market a few years ago. It stores guest room items like towels, washclothes, and sheets for guests as this room doubles as a guest space! The tiny dish to the side of the TV is where the pacifier collection lives. We needed an easily accessible place to keep these for when we need them quickly!

Dresser: flea market

Lamp: thrift store- spray painted

Lampshade: I Like That Lamp DIY kit using April Rhodes Wanderer fabric

Wall art: vintage frame with post cards by Quill & Fox

Toy basket: World Market- "paint dipped" by me

family rom makeover | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
bright and colorful living room makeover | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
kids room makeover | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

A large floor basket sits beside the TV to house the (few) toys that we pull out for Evan during playtime. Eventually we plan to build in some type of storage beneath the windows as the toy herd grows larger.

colorful eclectic family room | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

We created a little seating area in the corner where I can hang out and watch Evan while he plays on the rug. We purchased a fold out sofa to accommodate guests and eventually Evan's little cousins and friends (any maybe future brother or sister!). The chair was a splurge item as we had trouble finding something cozy and but with a midcentury feel. I imagine it will be used down the line as the "time out" chair when Evan starts getting himself into trouble.

We were able to pull of most of the decor (aside from the 2 new furniture pieces) on a budget. We used fabrics that we already had to create pillow covers, hung up collected pieces that were stashed in my studio on the walls, and handcrafted our side tables. The fiddle fig tree was a birthday gift and sits on a handmade plant stand we created a couple months ago.

Sofa: World Market

Arm chair: Urban Outfitters

MCM Walnut & teal side table: Midwest Woods

Corian & Walnut side table: old piece from Modern Farm Furniture made by Kiel

Fiddle fig: Oakland Nursery

Pillows: handmade

Throw: Tiny Prints monogrammed throw (softest throw ever!!)

MCM blue chair | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
MCM chair | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

I really love this colorful personalized HOME pillow from Tiny Prints with our family name on it. It reminds me that this isn't just another space in our home but rather a special place to unwind, play, and have fun with our little family. It reminds me that our home is special, a place that Kiel and I have crafted and curated just for us <3.

The herringbone monogram throw accents the herringbone tile fireplace and ties in the "M" theme that we have running throughout the house (check out our home tour from a few years back to see our collection of vintage and new M's throughout the house!)

Midwest Woods MCM walnut coffee table details | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

The side table is a new Midwest Woods exclusive piece. We found these great circular metal bases at a flea market on a trip to Iowa for my day job last year. They have been sitting in our basement for quite a while and Kiel decided he wanted to use one to mock up a side table that he would eventually like to make and sell. He crafted this piece with walnut slab that he sawmilled in our driveway (a friend supplied the log). It dried all winter in our basement and he cut, planed, and glued it up to create the table top for this piece. I picked out the vibrant teal color for the legs (that matches one of the frames on the wall) and he liked it so much he plans to do the rest of them the same color. Keep an eye out over at Midwest Woods for the new product!

coffee table boks | Farm Fresh Therpy.jpg
ecletic living room makeover | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

For art we put together a simple gallery wall filled with pieces we already had on hand that weren't currently in use (the vintage sears bag mounted onto wood, the DIY walnut veneered frame, the vintage 3 sign, mother teresa painting and the paint by numbers kitten). For the large centered piece I found a super cheap frame from Michael's and filled it with this funky house fabric from our local fabric shoppe. To complete the wall, I had a photo of Kiel and Evan printed on photo canvas and finished it off with a DIY frame (see the tutorial over on Homedit!).

colorful toss pillows | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
gallery wall with Tiny Prints photo canvas and DIY frame | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
Modern Farm furniture side table | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
herringbone tile fireplace details | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

A close up of our herringbone tile fireplace we renovated a few years ago. Loving it more and more as we really curated this space.

family room details | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
textile details | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg

And lastly, a few extra throw blankets and pillows we keep by the old wardrobe (as well as plenty of comforters and larger pillows inside) to keep things comfy when relaxing and watching TV or hosting guests!