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home: upstairs bathroom renovation

If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw lots of posts over the summer of progress on our upstairs bathroom remodel. We completed it in July and got the final details worked out towards the end of the summer (fixtures, etc). I had good intentions of shooting and sharing once it was completed but the last few weeks of my pregnancy was totally grueling. Not to mention it's pretty challenging to get into awkward angles in a tiny tiny bathroom while 9 months pregnant! So since we are settling in with two (and I am able to find a free half hour while both kids are sleeping here and there!!!), I figured I would finally share the reno!


Here is our lovely "before". This is the only room in our home that we have no touched what so ever since moving in. We always intended on redoing the space but had originally planned to knock out the dormer so that we could add a shower, making it a more functional bathroom. We knew this would be a costly and time intensive reno so it was put off. When time finally came to start thinking about it, we ended up deciding that at this point, we just wanted to do a cosmetic reno (basically just tile and paint) as we are unsure how long we will be in the house and didn't want to throw too much money into something we may not get equity out of. We have a full bathroom downstairs with a custom dual shower head that we use daily and would likely continue to use despite having a shower on the upstairs floor. We mostly use this bathroom here for bathing the boys, so this lovely 100 year old original to the house tub works perfectly. We figured that if we decide to stay in the house long term and want to put a shower up here for the boys when they are older, then we can make adjustments at that time.

For this renovation we ripped out the awful faux wood floors, installed cement board, laid small white hex tiles on the floor, and tiled up the sides where the awful beige "tile" (aka plaster that has a grid drawn in it to appear like tile) with subway tile. We finished up with a neutral gray paint on the walls, updated some fixtures, and added a few simple accessories. See the details below!

small bathroom makeover.jpg

The bottom of the claw foot tub had been painted beige to match the walls. When we removed it to lay the tile we painted it black to accent the white subway tile with dark grout. It was a quick and super easy fix to cover the ugly color without having to replace the entire tub.

Our toilet is also original to the home and very old. We had trouble trying to find a toilet seat that was both the correct size and that looked right with the style of toilet (those plastic ones just wouldn't do!). So we also painted the wooden one that was there black for another simple easy fix.

small bungalow bathroom makeover.jpg
bungalow bathroom makeover.jpg

We replaced the fixture that was in the bathroom with this beautiful classic sconce from Schoolhouse Electric. It was a little bit of a splurge but we saved so much money doing this ourselves and with other fixes (mostly due to no other choices), that it was still well within the budget!

We replaced the pedestal sink with another sink that was basically the same one but in much better condition. We found the sink a few years ago at The Scott Show and it has been in the basement waiting for this reno. The antique fixtures came with the new (old) sink.

We spray painted these simple hooks black that we picked up from Lowe's. I checked out some local places for antique hooks but didn't find anything I loved. These hooks match the same ones we placed in our downstairs bathroom.

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A yard clipping from my magnolia tree and this lovely vintage print by Brim Papery are the perfect accessories for this new (old) space!

vintage inspired bungalow bathroom.jpg
bungalow bathroom.jpg
bathroom makeover.jpg

The back wall behind the entrance door to the bathroom is basically the only blank partial wall that we have in the bathroom thanks to the dormer. We added a few hooks for towels (I picked up these teal towels a few years ago from World Market and figured we can use them for now- the aqua baby towel is for little Ollie!). We had this vintage street sign from London in storage and liked how it matched the classic feel of the bathroom.

The best part of this reno is how neutral and classic it turned out. I can easily change out the towels or art to quickly update this small space!