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home: upstairs office refresh

Since the recent transition of our daily office down into the mudroom, for the last several months we have been using our upstairs office as storage for garage sale items. A few weeks ago we finally had a massive garage sale and were finally able to clear out this space. Knowing that we will likely use this space for a nursery down the line, we got rid of the sofa and the ottoman in this space. We just recently did a shoot for Houzz and needed to get this space back in order, so while we are waiting on the craft room studio to be built we put it back together as an office again. I have to admit while that while this space is only temporary, I really love this space now!

Here is what we did with what a lot of what we already had...

  • We brought back out the desk for the Ikea Expedit bookshelf and workspace which now provides an extra space outside of the craftroom for projects in progress such as the new hand stamped business cards I have been working on (more to come on those later!). We moved the excess books from our bedroom makeover upstairs into the office and used them throughout the bookshelf- along with the leftover props I couldn't bear to part with during the garage sale
  • We used this great old dresser that we found during labor day weekend for extra storage of home decor materials and display of some great vintage floral pieces I have been hoarding lately. It had been taking up lots of space in the basement so Kiel was happy to finally free up more space down there
  • We got rid of the TV that we weren't utilizing in the office and put the mood board in that bright open space for a better view point- hoping it will be better used for some future decor projects

Sometimes just a little rearranging is all that is needed to liven up and refresh a room! Can't wait to show you more from the shoot down the line.

Have a great week!

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office workspace redo | farm fresh therapy.jpg
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