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Last weekend we shared our newly painted kitchen and mudroom. One of the new projects we did for the space was this nifty little coat rack that I am super excited about.

So here is the story- we have been really trying to simplify lately but are also trying to change things up a bit. We still have a few pieces here and there that we purchased back in college or in our first apartment that were purchased purely out of necessity but are definitely due for an upgrade (you know- the whole furnish your first apartment with cheap MDF finds until you can afford to upgrade to real furniture or have time to build something yourself kind of deal). So our little old coat rack in the mudroom was one of those pieces. It never really bothered me too much as you don't often see it as it is covered in coats. But again we are doing that whole simplifying thing and it is actually starting to feel like spring out so it became another eye sore.

We decided to create a new one ourselves and obviously went with a piece of reclaimed barnwood from the basement as it is in abundance down there. Kiel cleaned it up a bit and put some clear polyurethane on it. We chose to go with these great little vintage hooks that were original to our home. We used a few that came out of the upstairs closets and also picked up a few more at the recent Scott Show. They are also available in abundance online and not too crazy pricey. I love them because they're historic and pretty much the exact same ones you would have seen everywhere in our old bungalow almost 100 years ago when it was built. Plus it was super quick, easy and cheap!

So the moral of the story is that it's sometimes totally worth upgrading/ DIYing a new piece that has much more sentiment than anything you would pick up at the nearest affordable home furnishings store! And if you are looking for new coat rack ideas this is a really fun one!

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