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inspired: guest bedroom makeover

Spring is on it's way (okay maybe a few more months...)! But January always gets me in the mood for planning and plotting our spring home projects. This year we will likely go small with our projects since we are still feeling out what we can accomplish while hanging out with Evan.

One of my goals is to redo our upstairs guest bedroom. We have kind of let this room go. I used it for staging a lot of my DIY projects and there are holes all over the walls needing repatched. The bright aqua was lovely at the time we painted it but is starting to feel a little outdated. I am desiring something a little more mature, sleek and sophisticated. I will likely be spending more time in this room myself as it is our only bedroom upstairs with a bed in it and is right across the hall from the nursery. When we transition Evan out of our bedroom (the first floor master) and up to his room, I will likely stay in the guest room for a few weeks to be close to him until we can ensure that night time wake ups are at a minimum. We are trying to minimize middle of the night adventures across the house and up the stairs as much as possible. So I want this space to be a place that I enjoy waking up to. While Kiel and I have had to really compromise with the design of our master bedroom to fit both our needs and styles, I have the freedom with this space to make it into the bedroom of my dreams.

The only draw back is our shoe string budget. Since this room is already furnished and decorated, it feels frivolous to spend too much money or excessive time on a makeover. So I plan to do a lot of repurposing, repainting, reusing and DIYing in this space- which means lots of fun projects for you to follow along the way! Here is my inspiration for this space:

1. Long white dresser- I love the look of a long, simple white dresser similar to this one here (and I love the way it is styled!)- similar to what we did here in Evan's room. I have an old dresser that we picked up at a garage sale over a year ago that has been sitting in storage all this time. The intent was to use it in the nursery but it ended up being a touch too feminine for our modern theme. The plan is to use the leftover paint from Evan's dresser redo to paint this one.

2. Simple salvaged bedside table- We previously had tree stump side tables in the guest room. While they give the room a fun and rustic look, they offer little storage and little surface area which is a necessity in a small guest room where space is a premium. I love the look of symmetrical side tables and would love to find something simple and slightly industrial with a drawer like this example!

3. Task lighting- I love the simplicity and industrial feel of these task lights. Because the lights will be directly in front of windows that take up the entire wall, I like the idea of moveable lights sans large shades that keep the gorgeous windows and bed as a focal point of the room.

4. Colorful throw- I love teal and a colorful throw sure brightens up the room. The under $20 price tag is an extra bonus. With unpredictable Ohio weather and a drafty home closing in on 100 years old, you can never have enough throw blankets, especially for visiting guests!

5. Eclectic accents- I love the pops of color against the clean white walls in this room. While I am still not quite sure where we will end up on the color wheel with the walls in this space, I do know that for bedding we will likely reuse the white linens we already have with a bright throw or coverlet at the bottom similar to this. I also can't get enough of the vintage paint by numbers style art on the walls here.

6. Bright and colorful abstract art- I really love the colors in this abstract piece by Hillary Butler. I would love something like this in large scale for this room, The oranges, pinks, and corals look great against teal and mustards which will be perfect on the walls for this space.

7. Design Bloggers at Home- This book has given me tons of great inspiration for this makeover. Kiel got it for me for Christmas and I can't get enough of these gorgeous spaces. And while I have seen a lot of these homes already flying around on Pinterest, there is something so inspiring about viewing the spaces in print and reading more on the stories behind them. I highly recommend picking up this look for more interior decor inspiration!

8. Basket storage- Baskets make great storage for extra blankets or towels for guests. Currently most of this is houses in drawers but I would love to pull some of this out and put it out in a nice basket for guests to use. Still debating on whether or not to keep the baskets au natural or to add a little pop to them with paint like we did here.

Stay tuned over the next few months as we transform this space and have fun with some DIY projects!