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inspired: studio finds

We have had plans for a studio addition (to serve as my craft room) for over a year and it is finally becoming a reality. We knew right away when we moved into the house we would add space someplace before kids arrive (and now we are certainly on a deadline) to have bedrooms available for the kiddos and still have play space for us adults. Kiel has the whole basement for studio space and I have been dealing with the tiny little third bedroom upstairs- not really ideal for big messy DIYs. Now that I am doing more professional blogging I also really need the extra space for business reasons. So finally after years it is becoming a reality! Only a few more weeks (which may turn into months but heres to hoping not!) until we get this space finished and ready to share. Here are my plans and inspiration for finishing out decor and layout of the space.

1. Tons of shelving- I love how useful and inexpensive these EXPEDIT (or "KALLAX" as Ikea now names it- although it will always be the EXPEDIT line to me) shelves are. I love the open storage that shows off you supplies (I need this to help fuel inspiration or to quickly look at inventory to solve little creative mishaps when DIYing. We plan to do at least a few of these in the new studio filled with wire baskets full of craft supplies and fabric.

2. Industrial lighting- Kiel has been collecting vintage green enamel light shades for years so to save a few pennies we plan to use these for the overhead lighting in the studio which we will install ourselves. I also just love the look of vintage lighting, but the industrial feel will really round out this room as we plan to leave it a bit rough and minimally finished as it is a workspace.

3. White walls- White walls will certainly brighten up this space, in addition to the ginormous windows we are having installed- which is exactly what we want, a bright open space to create. Since the addition was put on the back of the house and we are leaving the interior pretty rough- more "inside garage" like as it will serve as a messy space for craft projects, gardening, etc., it will have a few different materials making up the walls so the white will surely bring everything together.

4. Industrial drawer storage- I already picked up one of these industrial drawer pieces at Scott's last year. It has been sitting in Kiel's basement studio for several months and if it doesn't get moved soon I think he might poach it from me. It is the perfect size for storing smaller craft items often used like glue sticks, scissors, tape, etc.

5. Long worktable- The best part about the new studio space is the ability to have a huge work desk. Currently I do all my crafting in an 80 sq ft room with a tiny 20 x 30 inch table that also stores half my stuff on top. When I want to sew I must cut on the table, move the cutting supplies off, move my sewing machine on the table, then move it off to cut again. Same goes for just about any other craft project I am working on. While I have occasionally used my dining table for more space, I can't wait to have a huge desk to spread out that is located where all my supplies are. This way I can also leave projects half done with the door closed and no worries! Perfect as I seem to always start things and not finish them!

The contractors are almost finished which means we are about to kick it into gear to get the interior finished. Hoping to be finished before labor day!