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less is more

We finally had a warm day here in Columbus. I feel like spring may really be coming after all! That means spring cleaning is coming soon too!

Every January with the start of the new year, I get the bug to go through just about everything. We tend to always start my spring cleaning early with the intent to start some larger home renovation projects by the time spring comes around (oh and do we have some big ones on our list this year!).

This year our spring cleaning includes some major major purging (yes I used major twice). While we usually have a garage sale and declutter a bit each year, we are ready to do more simplifying in our lives. Too much stuff, too many things. We are slowly sorting and organizing, determining with each piece what is really worth keeping, what is meaningful, and what was bought just because.

It has felt so great to already start clearing out the clutter. A clean home means a clear mind. The only downside of spring cleaning early is having to wait so long until garage sale season!