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London Trip: Bermondsey Street & Borough Market

Yesterday morning was perhaps my most favorite day yet on our London trip. We have been exploring everywhere- from the country side to the inner city. After spending a busy day downtown navigating the tubes, we spent an entire day out on the countryside (breath taking). Yesterday morning we went to South London- more specifically Southwark to explore the Bermondsey St. Antique Market and Borough Market (a open air fresh foods market as recommended by a friend).

Our first stop was the weekly Bermondsey Street Antiques Market that started back in 1855! This is where we found an amazing amount of vintage goods. Kiel picked up some hand planes and I found some maps of the London Underground for a pound each. I also snagged a pair of vintage rose trimmers with great patina that still work perfectly! Bermondsey is a pretty area in South London that (per the local papers) is on it's way back up as a place for young professionals in the city to reside and shop.

Next we headed to the Borough Market about 20 minutes walking distance from Bermondsey. I have honestly never seen anything like this place in my life. Definitely the largest market and biggest selection I have seen. We were unfortunately pressed for time, and being that we are on vacation, fresh food shopping did not suit us at the time. We did however stop for a sandwich and a cider which you can eat and drink freely around the open air market as you walk around. If only we had this back home!

This place really is amazing. We are having a fantastic time, buying way too much, and overly enjoying the food and beverages!

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