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love: Holl & Lane magazine

I recently ran across Holl & Lane on Instagram and was instantly in love. Finally, a real life magazine with inspiring and relatable stories about real life struggles. Like the real life, nitty gritty stories about mental health, growth, family. I love browsing through my regular magazines and Pinterest for crafty inspiration here and there but reading through Holl & Lane was a breath of fresh air. Reading stories of inspiring women with true strength and character. While that's what drew me to Holl & Lane, I was so excited to see some awesome healthy, attainable recipies, very few ads (and those that are there are hard to spot as they're so stylish that they blend right into the publication), and breath taking photography. The winter issue was all about new beginnings, the perfect inspiration for my start to 2017 after the whirlwind year of 2016. Catch the spring issue launching April 1st and follow along on Instagram for updates. Want a preview of the content? Check out their blog to see some of their great stories. I just ordered my digital subscription for my kindle and can't wait to read the next issue!

Holl & Lane Mag | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
Holl & Lane mag review | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
Holl & Lane | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg