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on the radar: April 2014

Another month has flown by but we are finally in the midst of warmer (and spring like!) weather. Just a few short weeks until the kick off of summer (seriously where has this month gone?!). Here's whats on my radar and a bit more of what we have been up to this month:

1. Vintage Film Photography- the days are lighter longer and we finally got to break out the film camera collection for this year. Can't wait to share some of the photos once we get around to getting them processed!

2. Hunter Boots- You know the old April showers saying, well Columbus tends to live up to it! Although we probably got a little luckier this year we definitely still had some wet days this spring. I am not usually one to buy something without getting it on sale or for a super great price, but these boots were a splurge and totally worth it. I have had them for a year and they still look and feel brand new- no tears or breaks at all. I use them whenever it is even slightly wet outside or when I go in the garden and they never get uncomfortable. If you are looking to invest in a good pair of rain boots these are definitely the way to go. I would buy them again without question!

3. Road Trips- Kiel and I just recently visited Iowa City for a conference for my day job. It was an 8 hour one way trip via car and we decided to drive it instead of fly- we love stopping to adventure and discover new things along the way. For us summer is road trip season as most of our vacations are travelled by car and wouldn't have it any other way. And with all the apps and technology of today, you can plan out awesome stops before even getting into the car. Or go it the old school way and see where the roads take you. Either way it's always an adventure!

4. Plant Stands- It's that time of year when everything is in bloom- both inside and out. We are at the tail end of our bedroom renovation and getting to the furniture and decor. I can't get enough of some of the awesome plant stand DIYs that are out there including this one with copper pipe and cement. We have a couple creations of our own up our sleeves to share in a few weeks.

5. Ranunculus- One of my favorite flowers that always blooms this time of year. We have been picking up some great bouquets to brighten up the house. I can't get enough of them so they have made a few guest appearances in a couple DIY shoots this month.

Alright on to May, I'm sure June will be arriving before we know it. Does time just speed up when you become a grown up?!