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on the radar: January 2014

I have decided to start a new monthly series with the beginning of the year- the top 5 things I am currently obsessing over. Yeah yeah everyone else is doing it. And who really cares what I like. But I enjoy compiling this list as it makes me think more about my personal style choices and inspiration. So here is whats filling up my life right now:

1. My DSLR- so its not really mine, its technically Kiel's. For the last couple years I have been using my pansy little Nikon 1. I love the ease and convenience, and it gives me great photos. But I have started to feel complacent with it and have been yearning to learn manual digital photography. I am currently taking a SnapShops class with Ashley Campbell of Under The Sycamore. The class has been super informative and inspiring. I have been practicing bunches and hope to move over to exclusively using the DSLR on manual once I get a bit more experience under my belt.

2. Leah Duncan- One of my favorite creatives. Her work is gorgeous and so inspiring. I swoon over pretty much every item in her shop every other week. Hoping that I might get a little something for her shop for my upcoming birthday (hint to you Kiel!).

3. Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets- I can't put this book down. Author Lisa Quinn, a former Martha junkie, explains how to let go of perfectionism and get real. She shares her guide of real life tips and tricks for motherhood, cleaning, decor, and hosting. Only $2.99 on your kindle!

4. Lake Street Dive- I discovered this band last month on a Pandora station and can't get enough of their jazzy pop sound. Both their cover and original songs are so lively, and Rachael Price's voice makes it even better. They are currently touring the US and stopping by Columbus in March! So excited.

5. Lightroom- Kiel & I were both trained in photoshop and have been using it for years. After spending some time talking to a few photographers, Lightroom came highly recommended for quick and easy editing. I picked up a copy and started using it this week. I LOVE it. So much easier to sort, edit, and save photos than before. Very much worth the investment!