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These days with two kids in tow and my hands super full (mostly with dirty diapers, laundry, or a sleeping baby!), there is little time to devote to our home, let alone putting up temporary decorations. But with a little luck getting both the boys to nap at the same time, a few cheap and simple decorations from Target and of course pumpkins, our home has become Halloween ready in no time!

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At the beginning of each holiday decorating season I have Kiel lightly power wash the front porch so that I am starting with a nice clean slate. This year I politely asked him to remove the giant spider web and spider living behind our porch swing so that I could put up a fake spider web to which he laughed in my face. But did it anyways of course :)

Two $3 bags of faux spider web spread across the two sides of the front porch make a big impact on a small budget. I like to spread the web really thin to make it look more real- plus this way you get more bang for your buck. I personally find the spider webs really easy and classic. A few little spiders dispersed in the web complete the look.

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A simple spider garland (another cheap Target find) and of course pumpkins (various sizes and colors are my personal preference!) finish up the front porch decor. And of course a little textile change out on the porch bench and swing which I typically do at the start of fall (see our fall front porch decor makeover from last year). It feels cozy and inviting!

But speaking of inviting, did you know that more vandalism insurance claims are filed from Halloween than any other day of the year? While we live in a generally safe neighborhood, you can never be too careful- which is why we protect our house (and our pumpkins!) with SimpliSafe. We purchased this system shortly after we moved into our home about 6 years ago after a rash of small thefts on our street. We researched several other systems before purchasing but are very happy with our decision to pick SimpliSafe. Their wireless security system is affordable, easy to set up, and super flexible. Since our original purchase we have added an addition to our home and all it took were a few clicks to add extra sensors and monitors for the extra room. Their customer service is excellent- they quickly reached out the other day when our base station dropped service after our son was caught playing with it (oh toddlers!). I am happy to thoroughly recommend this system after years of use and experience with their reliability (and I'm not being paid to say this- I genuinely believe in this product and have recommended it to neighbors and family for years).

I also love the decals we received with the purchase of our system. We keep a sign in the back and front of our home as well as stickers on all our entrance doors to help deter burglars. And of course our The Neighbors Have Better Stuff door mat really helps keep those vandals and burglars away :)

But on to why you're really here- the easy decor… scroll down to see how I quickly spruced up the inside!

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The easiest way that I make it feel a little spooky inside without making too much of a mess is to just scatter black paper bats around the walls. I like adding them to the walls above different vignettes in different rooms. The bats look like they are flying up and away from the vignettes and don't overly scream "HALLOWEEN IS HERE!". An added bonus? The bats were like $5 for 20 or so bats at Target last year and I was able to reuse them again this year (I just stick a little painter's tape to the back of them to get them to stick on the wall).

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A simple DIY banner in non traditional colors expresses well wishes for the holiday and can be added to any open wall or shelf.

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A few small pumpkins on mantles or shelves around the inside of the house add those nice pops or orange (or white if you want something a little more neutral). Once they start to turn- paint them gold for the change to Thanksgiving next month!

Some firewood in the fireplace (which can be used all fall and winter season) and that's about all it takes to make it feel a little spooky, super cozy, and not over the top Halloween!

The best part? Evan is really into the decor and Halloween season this year. I absolutely love it!

See more tips and ideas for Halloween decor on social media with the hashtag #protectthepumpkin!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.