be mine valentine's day garland | farm fresh therapy.jpg

quick & crafty: BE MINE felt banner

Some of you may know, but I really love quick and easy projects, especially crafty decor ones. I love the holidays, but between work, family, and the house who really has time to keep up?

This quick little felt garland is super easy to make. I provided printable papers to use as a template for cutting. Using 8 1/2 x 11" felt squares from your local craft store, you can quickly cut and trace your letters. Use mini clothes pins to secure them to rick rack to create a simple little Valentine's Day garland. If your letters continue to be a little flimsy after cutting and hanging, add some stability to them with a small bit of wire or popsicle sticks glued to the back.

Happy crafting!

be mine garland | farm fresh therapy.jpg