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quick & crafty: monogram Easter Eggs

Looking for a last minute Easter Egg project? Easily embellish your traditional dyed eggs with a few supplies you likely already have on hand! The perfect project for adding a little something extra to those eggs you create with the kids. Pretty & still edible!

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  • dozen eggs
  • dip dye kit
  • vinegar
  • water
  • cups for dye
  • stickers
  • laquer or shellac (optional and will make your eggs non edible)


1. Dip dye your Easter eggs using the instructions on the back of the kit. I love making fun modern eggs and getting crafty with paints or other materials but the good old fashioned egg dying never gets old. It reminds me of my childhood and I am so excited for next year when Evan can help me dye our eggs for the Easter Bunny to come hide! Anyways...

2. Let your eggs dry. Once dry you can optionally shellac or lacquer your eggs to make them shiny if you desire (keep in mind you probably shouldn't eat them after if you do this!). Keep in mind that the lacquer doesn't take well if the eggs are cold.

3. Embellish your eggs with stickers. I did a few with M's for Mohrman (yes I realized after they look like M & M's. Don't judge). We also did a few with letters to spell out cute words like HIP and HOP!

Easily remove the stickers when you are ready to peel and eat.

Happy Easter weekend!

monogram easter eggs | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
monogram sticker Easter Eggs | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg
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