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quick & crafty: simple halloween bunting

Not sure about you but I get pretty tired of the same old black and orange store bought Halloween crafts. I personally prefer to add a little touch of the holidays in a little more subtle ways, and with a touch more color. This simple banner incorporates your traditional orange and black, but also brings in some greens and blues (my favorite). Use mini clothes pins to put together the banner making it simple to construct, easily moveable, and non-permanent.

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Here is what you need:

-construction paper in whatever colors you desire

-rick rack

-alphabet stickers (love these thicker stickers as they add texture and are larger in size

-small clothes pins


-paper cutter

-cutting mat

-straight edge


1. Cut 3.5 inch by 2 inch rectangles with your paper cutter (you will need 14 total for this project). Here we did 7 blue and 7 orange

2. Next create the pointed bunting by cutting triangles on the bottom. Mark the center of the bottom line of the bunting and cut to about 2 inches up on each side of the rectangle.

3. Once the bunting pieces are complete, add your stickers.

4. Cut the rick rack to size and place clothes pins on each letter bunting.

5. Hang the letters on the rick rack (we attached the rick rack here with paint safe tape to the wall to avoid putting any extra holes into the wall, the tape was actually strong enough to support the weight of the project!). Hang the letters on the rick rack by starting in the center first and moving adding letters moving away from the center- so hang the P in H-A-P-P-Y first in the center, then add the A and the P on either sides and continue on. This will ensure that your project doesn't become too weighted down on one side and that you are spacing the letters evenly.

Get creative with the colors, sizes, and textures of this banner. Happy crafting!

paper bunting halloween banner | farm fresh therapy.jpg
quick & crafty halloween banner | farm fresh therapy.jpg