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quick & crafty: yarn tassel garland

I love the simple homespun feel of little yarn tassels. They are pretty simple and easy to make (the perfect activity to do while sitting around catching up on Netflix and waiting for this baby to come out). Go color crazy and make these in gorgeous bright hues. Here's how:

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-a book or piece of cardboard


1. Start by wrapping the yarn around the book or cardboard piece multiple times. The more you wrap the fatter the tassel

2. Pull the wrapped yarn off the book, fold in half and use a piece of yarn to tie it off

3. Cut the loops at the ends of the wrapped yarn

4. Fold the two sides of yarn downwards and wrap approximately 1/2 inch down the yarn with another piece of string to create the tassel head

5. Lastly trim up the ends of the tassel to round it out!

We made these in several colors and strung them on twine to create this fun and colorful garland for our handmade holiday decor!

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tassel garland | Farm Fresh Therapy.jpg