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spring cleaning

1. Bath & Body Works Wallflower 2. J.R. Watkins Hand Soap 3. Cucina Counter Top Cleaner 4. Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner 5. Caldrea Linen Spray

Happy St. Patrick's day. Wish we could say we did something awesome but we have both battled a nasty cold this weekend. Instead we stayed in to rest and do somethings around the house (we have a problem sitting still). Kiel worked a custom piece that he is doing for a client and got things ready for a new line of tables (soon to be photographed and up on the new website!).

I started spring cleaning, although it doesn't feel much like spring here in Columbus these days. The lovely items pictured above are all items that I use personally and recommend- not only do they work well but they smell good and look nice, what more could you ask for? Links are to online sources to purchase but most of them are available at common local stores.

I began by going room to room- assessing and organizing everything in the room, figuring out whether or not to throw it away, give it away, or keep it. I then went through and cleaned everything out after rummaging, sorting, and reorganizing. For the most part I don't have a ton of giveaway items as I have been better this year about not buying junk. Typically we have a garage sale around this time, but we were able to sell one of our furniture pieces on craigslist and have the other waiting (check it out if you need a new table!).

When I collect all my items that I want to giveaway or get rid of (that is not "trash" worthy), I try to organize them into like items. Such as all the clothes together, all the household items together, etc.

There are some great places in Clintonville that take and recycle your unwanted items such as:

Clintonville Community Resources Center- takes literally everything except guns, ammo, and drugs. I typically give them the bulk of my giveaways and they usually have a great need for canned food items, clothes, household items like pots & pans, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, blankets, and furniture. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will be emailed weekly their specific needs list.

Wholly Craft- This awesome crafty store has a supply closet in their basement where local crafters can bring and buy unwanted craft supplies. This is a great place to drop off your unwanted supplies like fabrics, paper, yarn, etc. And you may even find some great new second hand supplies to replace what you are discarding (which is totally something I would do and is probably counterproductive for spring cleaning but who cares!). One person's trash is another person's treasure!

Goodwill- this is where I take everything else that I wouldn't take to CRC, Wholly Craft, or pawn off on a family member. Usually that tends to be mostly home decor stuff I don't want anymore like candles, frames, or vases. A catchall for giveaway items.

Also with anything given away to Goodwill or the CRC it can be considered tax deductible so make sure to get a receipt for an approximate amount of your donations.

Happy cleaning!