bathroom renovation

the "oh shit!" bathroom renovation beginning

About a month ago we got real overzealous and decided to rip out all the wallpaper for our planned master bathroom renovation. We have been planning this reno for months but got caught up in a few other big projects that took precedence (like the custom terrarium bench & the development of an entire product line and website for Midwest Woods at Spring Flea). And when I say we are doing all of this (as you may know already) I mean mostly Kiel.

Anyways we figured that by ripping out the wallpaper a while ago that it would remind and encourage us to get going on this renovation. But life has gotten in the way. Including us working on finding contractors for an upstairs addition (we decided that when it comes to blowing out walls and framing we may need some help...) and getting our finances in order as the thought of starting a family draws nearer and nearer. So we are now in the process of refinancing our home. And as some of you may also know (which I did not...), that when doing this, an appraiser from the bank comes to give an estimate as to the value of your home. This is huge for us as we still don't have enough equity in our home yet to drop our PMI. If we can get our home to appraise for a certain amount, we can save some serious cash. Butttttt...... they will not appraise if there is construction going on in the home.


So we have locked in a great interest rate and now have only 60 days to close (or 56 if you're really keeping track), and only the wallpaper ripped off the walls. And we have even less time before the appraiser comes out- like say a month.

Needless to say we screwed ourselves in an attempt to get motivated, and now we have to get super motivated to bust through our complete bathroom renovation in 1 month. Kiel is literally knocking down a wall as I write this....

And to top it all off, I am having a major allergic reaction to the mold, dust, and whatever particles that have become airborne through the gutting of the bathroom. So much that I have been placed on steroids and an inhaler for wheezing. And have been instructed not to be around the construction meaning that I have to find myself a new bed upstairs away from it all (our bed is right around the corner from the bathroom and my head basically faces the construction zone as it is now).

So we have our work cut out for us. But I trust that when we are finished we will be grateful that we powered through, saved a bunch of money, and have a beautiful new bathroom to show for it. And that means we are 1 less renovation away from being done with our overall "to-do" list. Hurray!