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trash to treasure: our pallet coffee table

Late last summer we remodeled our office- soon to be a nursery perhaps?! but not quite yet. I needed an ottoman for storage and lounging purposes. I fell in love with the use of pallets for furniture back in my college days after reading an article in the former ReadyMade magazine (I miss you!). Kiel and I built our first pallet table when we lived together in Durham, NC back in 2009. We found the material behind a dumpster (my favorite place for finding furniture and supplies!). And unfortunately the dumpster (this time in front) is where we left the table/ ottoman at the end of the summer when we moved back home to Ohio.

So to create this table we went dumpster diving (a favorite activity). We found these perfect pallets that we already sized and needed no cutting at all. We found these 2 pallet and took the top off one to affix to the bottom of the other. We then placed 4 casters (2 with locks on opposite sides) to the bottom. For the upholstered top I purchased all purpose material from Joann fabrics, as well as 3 inch foam. I had the foam cut to size, added batting on top of the foam, and upholstered the foam beneath the fabric to a board with staples (also cut to size). We the bolted the board with upholstery down to the pallet table to make an ottoman!

I love this piece because there is storage in the pallet! Perfect for my books and binders for projects in process. This was such a fun and cheap project to make (approximately $60 for the foam, fabric, and casters- a drop in the bucket compared to some of the ottomans I browsed before going DIY).

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