vintage film photography

Kiel and I have a large selection of vintage cameras that we have collected over the years. Kiel has fixed them up and displayed them around the house, in easy reach to grab and snap! With the prolonged days and more sunlight, we have been able experiment more with our collection.

Each camera is a bit different which makes for a fun challenge with each try. And with film photography you never know what you are doing to get until the end of the roll! Sometimes the shots are cut off, over/under exposed, out of focus, or have wonky composition but that is the fun part. Each photograph is a total surprise and an interesting piece of art.

Lately I have been using the graphic 35 (pictured above) with colored film. Kiel has been using the Kodak 35 with black and white.

Here are some samples from the past couple years.


argus c44 in color


graflex 35 in black and white


nikonos underwater camera in color


kodak 35 in black and white


graphic 35 in color