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weekly wrap up: week of september 22nd

This week has been about making progress on our big projects and getting ready for the upcoming fall events!

1. Head over to Homedit to see this week's DIY contribution. I did a tutorial on how to make these cork leaf trivets that are perfect for a fall table and just in time to hold those hot bowels for soup season!

2. Pinning and planning for Halloween is in full swing! October is almost here (where did this month go?!) which means it is time to get the Halloween decorations ready. I am really into holiday crafts that aren't too obnoxious and don't scream "this holiday just threw up all over your house". So these simple paper bats add a bit of holiday spirit without overwhelming the decor or space. Plans are in place, now it is just a matter of finding the time to actually get crafting!

3. Our studio space will FINALLY be finished next weekend! We painted all weekend long, have to finish the floor this week and get to start moving in furniture over the next few weeks! Feels great to be towards the end of this project so my freelancing projects can become a bit more organized (currently living out of packed up crafting supply boxes is making me nuts!). I can't wait to figure out the last touch decor details, but I am loving this office space inspiration from Design*Sponge and hoping that our studio will pull together just as well!

4. We are working with family on details for our upcoming baby shower at the end of October. Which means we need to get it together and get this baby registry finished. There are so many thoughts and opinions out there on registries- what to register for, where to register, how to find the best buys etc, etc. It is mind boggling. I struggled with where exactly I wanted to register. I really wanted to be able to compile items from all over- Etsy, Amazon, big box stores, etc. While discussing this with a friend it was suggested that I check out A site where you can personalize your registry with items from any store or source. I was worried it would be difficult to use but it wasn't at all. I love it! So maybe I have been living under a rock for a while but this was my first exposure to the site and now I want to share it with everyone. If you are working on any registries I would definitely suggest looking into this!

Next week is October already?!? I love you fall but please slow down, only a few more months until baby m arrives and so much to do!