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welcome baby Oliver!

Last month we welcomed baby #2- Oliver Thomas Mohrman on September 22, 2016! After taking a few weeks off from blog projects and a week off of work (thanks to a week of false labor!), Oliver came a few hours sooner than his scheduled induction time- all on his own! Within a few hours of true labor starting he was in our arms. Quite the surprise! He has really rocked our world :) He is a spitting image of his older brother (who adores him!) and quite loud (because I guess you have to be to be heard in a family of four). After a shaky start with a few post delivery complications that I experienced (resulting in unfortunate side effects for Oliver as his tummy didn't like some of the meds I was on), we are finally getting back to a new normal as a family of four. And I have been able to get back into a few home projects (or catch up on some of the things I had wanted to do before Oliver was born!). This week I will be sharing some fun and easy halloween decorations and finally shooting our finished bathroom renovation and nursery. I'm also hoping to share some great tips for managing baby #2 and more fun great holiday projects while I enjoy some time off work with Evan and Oliver!