baby mohrman 12-24-14.jpg

we're having a baby!

The cat (or baby) is out of the bag! We found out Easter morning we have a bun in the oven. And we are due Christmas Eve! The blog has been a little quieter than usual, less posts due to major fatigue. But thankfully as I am entering the second trimester my energy levels are getting back to normal and I haven't felt nauseated in weeks. The next 6 months can't go fast (or slow enough). So much to do but so excited to meet this little one.

We are currently in the midst of our addition project. The contractors should be done here in a few short weeks and then we will finish the interior ourselves. We are looking to be finished late summer. Giving us just enough time to move everything from our office and my craft room to the new studio and opening up a room for baby. It is certain to be a busy yet exciting summer! And the most awesome Christmas holiday!