winter: let it snow

Last weekend during our trip home from snowboarding in New York, we literally pulled off the road at the sight of these gorgeous logs sitting against a beautiful snowy background. We (and by we I mean mostly Kiel) have a bit of a fetish when it comes to wood grain. I was excited to get an opportunity to practice with our DSLR (just finished up Ashley Campbell's amazing photography class). It has been nothing but snow for us in the Midwest recently so we might as well take advantage of the bright white background (although I admit I really really hate being cold...). Here are a few of the shots that I captured while stopped on the side of the road.

And speaking of snow, we are supposed to get hit with another 6-10 inches tomorrow night. Just in time for my birthday. Snow day perhaps? If only... Can't wait for some warmer weather. As much as I love a cozy afternoon curled up under a blanket watching the snow, I am really ready for some sunshine and warmth! Stay warm all!