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Wow! The past few weeks have flown by. There’s been so much to do (or keep up with rather) in the new house. We’re mostly moved in and trying to get some essential projects done (like fixing up the garage workshop for @midwestwoodsfurniture). Eventually we plan to paint these walls white to brighten up the place but for the meantime it’ll do! PS- excuse the sconce just hanging out under the hutch, hanging things up is way down on our to do list 🤷‍♀️

Tomorrow is moving day and I’m so pumped! My @schoolhouse luna pendants came today that will replace these plain Jane lights. We will work on the board and batten next week and then paint it all white. Will share our progress in my stories this weekend!

My house is in shambles thanks to packing so I’m just going to pretend it looks like this and ignore those dreams I had last night about me drowning in my stuff #howdidigetthismuchstuff

Hi! Thought I would do a little introduction since my house is in shambles and I have no more interior photos to share. I’m Chelsea- a very part time blogger, full time mama to Evan (3) and Oliver (1) and wife to Kiel @midwestwoodsfurniture and part time oncology nurse. We live in Clintonville- a neighborhood close to downtown in Columbus, OH. We are in contract to sell our 1918 bungalow (seen here) and will be moving a few miles up the road to the Old Worthington area. We’re super excited to turn our new home into the perfect abode for our little family. We move this weekend and I’ll be sharing our progress with #thelittlelovehouse. We will miss our #kelsohouse but we couldn’t be happier with our new place and neighborhood. I’ll be sharing the place in my stories this weekend. Happy Monday! Photo by @savjjo

2 weeks and 1 day until we get the keys to our new place. We won’t have a mudroom initially but are working with contractors to have an addition placed shortly after move in. I will miss this little landing zone in the meantime #thingsyoutakeforgranted

Our current buyers fell through due to a family issue so we are up on the MLS! If you’re looking in Clintonville DM me so I can get you in contact with our agent!

Was hoping to tackle some outdoor projects this weekend but we’re all down for the count on the couch thanks to what I think is our second round of the flu #andwegotflushots #ithoughtthiswouldendbyspring #passthetissues

My favorite way to transform a space- simple and inexpensive neutral materials. My go-tos include butcher block, white subway tile, white hex tile, and wood everything. Oh and a little marble here and there just for fun. Pinterest wasn’t around back when we first renovated our kitchen . We relied on inspo from @apartmenttherapy (specifically the Chicago portion of the site since it best reflected our Midwest style). We had to do a few things over again to get it just right but you live and learn 😊✨ #planningourfuturehouse #butnotevenreadytobuy

It’s amazing when we stop and think about just how much work we put into this place. Years of blood, sweat, tears. Flooring, ceilings, paint (x5 because we could never get the colors right), built-ins, a kitchen, bathrooms, an addition. But honestly, I can’t wait to do it all again #prettysuremyhusbanddisagrees

14 years ago I sat next to my future husband in art class. We hardly talked even though there were only 7 people in our class. He was a senior and I was a junior. He was so talented and I was way less skilled. We both happened to take the same Saturday morning art class @ccadedu and were the only students from our high school there. He kindly helped me sketch. A few months later during a still life drawing assignment we ended up in a corner together drawing back to back. He was nice and cute but we both were in relationships with other people and never thought much of each other (or at least to my knowledge). Then one night I dreamt of him and a white picket fence. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I started thinking about him all the time. Until he left for college and I moved on with my life. Fast forward 4 years later when he was a senior in college and I was a junior. He sent me a message on Facebook messenger out of the blue. Turns out it was intended for someone else which he never told me until later. We both were uncoupled so we chatted for a few weeks then went on a date. We haven’t been a day without each other since. 9 years, 2 kids, (almost) 7 years of marriage, 2 cities and 1 house later here we are. Yesterday we toured a house in hopes of finding our next place to land. I saw this view and the boy and the white picket fence came rushing back. I’m not sure if this is where we will end up but I’ll never forget this view 💛

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