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On the hunt for a few vintage pieces today. Haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for yet but see all the other goodies I’ve been spotting around town if you’re local over on @thriftscolumbus in my stories #iloveoldshit #thelittlelovehouse

On the hunt for the perfect pieces of furniture to finish up our guest bedroom before we host our friends from California in a few weeks. I currently have the most plain Ikea dresser in there and I need to mix it up a bit. On that topic- someone recently asked me how I would classify my style and I was at a loss of words. What would you call it? #thelittlelovehouse

Trying to find inspiration for this room today. Thinking we will probably end up with the “flying airplane outer space vintage truck and dinosaur” theme 🤔 #lifewithkids #thelittlelovehouse

Every morning after I get ready Evan says “you look so pretty mama” 😊 yesterday as I was getting ready he instructed me to put on a necklace and I told him my outfit didn’t need one to which he responded “okay mama, you don’t look so pretty today” 😂 #lifewithkids #thelittlelovehouse

It’s like clockwork- whenever I hop on a conference call for work (oh you know like with 20 other specialists from around the nation- no big deal) Oliver makes a dirty diaper and then runs from me hysterically while I try to change him and sound intelligent to a group of medical professionals all at the same time 🤦‍♀️ so here’s to all you mamas just trying to keep it all together 🍻 And the only reason my kitchen looks clean is because I sold half the things we own at our garage sale last weekend and I threatened my husband with divorce if he didn’t finally hang my @schoolhouse hooks and vintage clock #justtryingtostaysaneoverhere #thelittlelovehouse

Decided to turn my office into a study zone for the boys instead of a craft room for me. I hardly have time to #DIY things anymore and if I do it’s with two little assistants. And Evan starts preschool in less than a month! How did we get here?! #stopgrowingsofast #thelittlelovehouse

Anyone noticed the dark sliver in the living room window yet? We brought our shed from our old house to the new house but haven’t had time to lay a platform for it yet. It sat at the bottom of our driveway for weeks and I’m sure we got all the looks from the neighbors. This is its temporary home on the side of our house until the concrete platform is poured. (PS that shed is heavy and a 130lb woman can not move it by herself even with a dolly in case you were wondering). So it’s living here and has a nice 6” over hang over the window and my fiddle dig is flipping out because it needs all the light it can get 🤦‍♀️ #patiencegrasshopper #thelittlelovehouse

On our way home from a restful vacation to a clean house. Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow just us at home. I always need that day after vacation to regroup with my boys 🏠 #thelittlelovehouse

Last weekend we had a garage sale and got rid of what felt like half the house. This week it’s all reaccumulated #failingminimalist #ispendtoomuchtimeatthriftstores #thelittlelovehouse

A little over 9 years ago when @midwestwoodsfurniture and I started dating he was finishing up his senior thesis and graduating from @ccadedu. I was preparing to move to NC and he was applying for jobs. In his free time while I was in class and working he made this bench. He used a piece of walnut from his grandfather’s farm. He split it into two pieces and designed two puzzle pieces. He welded the legs and painted a puzzle shape detail into it. Since I was moving away he gave me one half and he had the other. Two pieces that can stand on their own but connect perfectly when they are together. We have made a place for it in every home we have lived in. The pieces were separate for just a short while when we were dating and quickly connected once we were engaged and living together. Today they make the perfect seating for our dining room table, the heart and center of our family gatherings 💛 #thelittlelovehouse

We purchased a vintage record player years ago at a flea market (not pictured here because it’s currently on Kiel’s work bench being repaired). It came with a record already on the player that the people selling it were using as a test record. I purchased the player and the record for $20. The record was Patsy Cline’s greatest hits. I fell in love with Blue Moon of Kentucky and played it nearly a hundred times the first year we had the player. Since it’s been broken a while I haven’t played it or heard it in a few years. Tonight on a solo date it played at the bar on the lake. What a serendipitous time with my one and only 🌙💙 #thelittlelovehouse #lakenorris

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