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14 years ago I sat next to my future husband in art class. We hardly talked even though there were only 7 people in our class. He was a senior and I was a junior. He was so talented and I was way less skilled. We both happened to take the same Saturday morning art class @ccadedu and were the only students from our high school there. He kindly helped me sketch. A few months later during a still life drawing assignment we ended up in a corner together drawing back to back. He was nice and cute but we both were in relationships with other people and never thought much of each other (or at least to my knowledge). Then one night I dreamt of him and a white picket fence. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I started thinking about him all the time. Until he left for college and I moved on with my life. Fast forward 4 years later when he was a senior in college and I was a junior. He sent me a message on Facebook messenger out of the blue. Turns out it was intended for someone else which he never told me until later. We both were uncoupled so we chatted for a few weeks then went on a date. We haven’t been a day without each other since. 9 years, 2 kids, (almost) 7 years of marriage, 2 cities and 1 house later here we are. Yesterday we toured a house in hopes of finding our next place to land. I saw this view and the boy and the white picket fence came rushing back. I’m not sure if this is where we will end up but I’ll never forget this view 💛

We’ve been writing out the pros and cons of moving and I’m the absolute worst at decisions. I could argue any point either way and rationalize until the end of time. Sometimes you just have to let your heart lead and just jump in

My new favorite lately is catching up on shows before bed on the iPad with @midwestwoodsfurniture. For a while there the kids had hijacked bedtime and once we finally got them settled there was no “us” time #thanksdaylightsavings

Does anyone else clean their house like crazy before going on vacation? 🙋‍♀️ it’s the best thing coming home to a tidy house after a week away #unlessthosecatsdestroyit #theysecretlyhateus

Ok I lied on my last post. But we just had a great time exploring @winterparkfla even though the kids thought listening was optional 😳 #butistilllovethem see more in my stories

The kids got a wooden birdhouse from Nana and Papa for Easter. Now they’re just waiting on the birds 😳 🦅 🐦 #butitoldthemtoputitoutside #yesmystormwindowsarestillout #lazy

People often ask me how I keep my house so clean or if I own anything. They ask if I need to clear stuff out of the way for photos. The answer is that yes, I often pick up a bit before photos or snap photos right after the kids take a nap and I’ve tidied the house. But the real truth is that I used to have SO MUCH STUFF. I grew up with a mother who is an avid thrifter and collector. I spend half my free time doing the same myself (@thriftscolumbus) but recently, especially with the addition of two kids who enjoy destroying things, I’ve just found it easier and more fulfilling to have less things. They take too much time and effort to for. I still overindulge in purchases here and there but I’m really trying to stick to buying just what we actually need and use lately or implement a one in one out rule #confessionsofaformerhoarder

My goal for the last @scottantiquemarkets was to find two antique wooden toddler chairs for the playroom. I loved these ones but the wood color just wasn’t quite right. I wanted Kiel to paint these the dark green color that we painted Oliver’s dresser but he grabbed the can for Evan’s dresser color instead. Oh well! #happyaccidents

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