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The critters are creeping in! It’s been so much fun decorating this new house for the season. So many possibilities with a fresh slate! Counting down the days til 🌲😳 #thelittlelovehouse

It’s the little things that make the season- the cool crisp mornings, these amazing dahlias from @sunnymeadowsflowerfarm in the prettiest muted shade of orange, and the delicious smell of caramelized pralines burning all day @swevencandleco 🍂🍂🍂#thelittlelovehouse #sp #supportlocal

This week I was picked by some amazingly talented ladies to be the guest host for #myinspiredhouse! My kitchen was chosen as this week’s feature ❤️ . If you want to be featured and guest-host with the next time all you have to do is 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . 1️⃣ Tag your stunning inspired spaces with #myinspiredhouse everyyy day 🙌🏻 . 2️⃣Follow all the hosts! (We check ☺️) @jessicadevlindesign @frankieandgrae @kassandradekoning @thesanerhouse @inspiredbylynne @lisafogt & our guest host ✨@chelseamohrman ✨ . . We will be choosing one lucky feature every 15th and 30th of each month and invite them to join us to help find the next one! We can’t wait to see who is next! Get tagging! 🙌🏻👏🏻💜

In January of this year Kiel came down with a terrible terrible case of the flu (so here’s a plug for flu shots to prevent this as he wasn’t immunized but the rest of us were and spared). He had a fever of 103 for several days. He has since been battling unfortunate neurological and fatigue symptoms since. No formal diagnosis has been made but most doctors (and we have been to just about everyone you can think of) call it post viral syndrome. There really isn’t formal treatment so he has been striving to live as healthy as possible to combat symptoms. This former meat and potatoes guy is now the highest consumer of vegetables in our home. It’s like I can’t keep them stocked up fast enough. Thankful for my @yellowbirdfoodshed weekly box to keep our veggie haul interesting and our copy of @thevegetablebutcher for guidance on preparation #supportlocal #eatyourveggies #thelittlelovehouse

45 degrees at Evan’s soccer game today. Time to cozy up and make all the soups this afternoon 🍂 #itwentstraightfromsummertowinter #thelittlelovehouse

My guest post for @schoolhouse is up on their blog! Shortly after we moved in I found this cute little dresser at an estate sale down the street. It was $30 and needed all the TLC. See how easy it was to update this piece and more on the background of our neighborhood over on @schoolhouse (link is in my stories) #schoolhouseliving #thelittlelovehouse

Anyone else a little hyper obsessed with zero waste? Since becoming a mom and being responsible for 4 humans and 2 cats in our household I feel like I see our waste pile up so quickly. Every take out container, straw, plastic packaging just makes me cringe. Where will this end up after I’m done with it? In a landfill or the ocean? Will my kids and grandkids have a clean earth? I’ve really tried to make an effort to minimize and reuse packing but I feel like I’m at maybe like a 5-10% reduction in our waste. Sometimes I feel like the desire to minimize waste is totally impractical and silly in our current culture. But it is still something that bothers me a lot. I know a lot of other people have been discussing this topic so I was hoping for more advice or tips on reducing waste. I’m a “more bang for your buck” kind of person unfortunately so the more impactful idea the better! For now, a couple things I’m doing- filling out bulk items over @luckysmarket and putting them directly in their glass containers or into reusable/washable mesh bags (that pantry holds all my glass jars which are also thrifted/second hand). We use reusable snack bags, Pyrex storage, water bottles, glass jars, metal straws, grocery bags and coffee cups. We tend to fill up our recycling bin before our trash but we’re still at a few bags of trash per week 🙈 #reducereuserecycle #thelittlelovehouse

Busy weekend preparing for Oliver’s 2nd birthday party (and a pseudo housewarming party since many of our extended family haven’t seen the new place yet). Going for the ultimate “unpinterest low-stress” gathering (but with lots of food, drinks and clean surfaces 🤷‍♀️). I love the big themed parties and when I have the time I enjoy planning and prepping for them but after a big move and photo shoot and with our yard half way torn up, not sweating the small stuff! How do you do gatherings? #thelittlelovehouse

The vote was split for a while but then the black chairs took the lead with 55% of you preferring them over the wood chairs in this spot. And I’m in total agreement... now to just convince the husband 🙄 #thelittlelovehouse

This week I’m challenging myself to use up all my produce from @yellowbirdfoodshed. I always have a hard time with the autumn squashes and loads of tomatoes. Recipes welcome! #thelittlelovehouse

Treated myself to the most gorgeous dahlias from @sunnymeadowsflowerfarm (picked up from @weilands_market) as you may have seen in my stories yesterday. I’ve caught myself looking at them all morning. Finding happiness in the little things that make this house a home #thelittlelovehouse #treatyoself

It’s Friday and this is all I can’t think about. This and warm soup for this chilly day. But probably not at the same time 🤔 #ialwaysspill #TGIF #thelittlelovehouse

Does anyone else start buying Christmas gifts in September? I like to buy slowly over the fall and be done by right after Black Friday so that there is lots of time to enjoy holiday gatherings, zoo lights, crafts with the kids etc. Evan’s birthday is shortly after Christmas and he will be 4 this year. I need simple gift ideas for a 2 + 4 year old so I can start marking things off my list! #thelittlelovehouse

Remember that rug from my stories this past weekend? She found a new home here. Can’t decide if it’s too much or not 🤔 #thelittelovehouse #goingmaximalist

For some reason I thought that today while Kiel is at an autocross would be the best day to do our home photo shoot. But what I didn’t realize is how much kid wrangling and cleaning messes I signed up for while try to keep the house clean and shoot at the same time #pleasesendhelp #andcoffee #thelittlelovehouse

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